30 Day challenge – Days 26 and 27

A Picture From One Of The Greatest Days Of Your Life

Erin and Rand

(Photo by Debbie Ohi)

A Picture Of Where You’re From


St. Marys, PA

30 Day Challenge – Day 22

Picture Of You On This Day

Me, today

I just bought a new photo app for my phone, and I was playing with it a bit.  Not the world’s best pic of me, but not terrible either. 🙂

30 Day Challenge – Days 19 and 20

Something that made you smile today

  • Some of my favorite students winning awards at our underclassmen awards ceremony this morning.
  • A colleague telling me how happy she is that I was hired.
  • My wonderful, sweet, amazing husband telling me how happy he is to be with me. 🙂

A 10+ year old picture


Me and Jen with country singer Collin Raye at a concert in Myrtle Beach. I’m having trouble remembering what year this was, but the last time we went to Myrtle Beach was 2000, and I don’t think this was that year.

But here’s another one for good measure:


Me and Lisa, Alpha Delta Pi Spring Party, 1994 (I think).

What’s that? You want to see a pic of me in high school?

me at prom.jpg

That’s me going to the prom in 1990. (Yes, I cropped ex bf out of the photo…)

30 Day Challenge – Day…um…

Yeah, I kinda lost track there. I’m going to skip to Day 17.

A Childhood Picture


I was somewhere around 4-5 in this photo, which makes this the late 70s. That might be the longest my hair has ever been. 😉

When we were kids, people used to think my friend Jennifer and I were related. I didn’t get it then, but looking at this picture, I can kind of see what they were talking about!

30 Day Challenge – Day 11 (redux)

A recent picture of yourself

I have new pictures! Both taken last night at my school’s prom.

Me & Heather

Me at prom

30 Day Challenge – Day 11

Recent picture of yourself

Well, this is the most recent picture of myself I can find that I’m willing to post:


(taken by Jen, on her phone)

30 Day Challenge-Day 8

Pictures of your room

I don’t really want to take pictures of my bedroom, so instead, here are some pictures of my classroom!



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Miscellaneous thoughts

I’m not going to start by blogging about my lack of blogging, because hello…boring.

I logged in and I noticed that I had several beginnings of posts saved as drafts that I will probably never finish and post, because I no longer care. That happens more and more lately…

I just uploaded a few photos to flickr–things that were on my phone. I still have some stuff on my camera that I will get around to uploading soon. (I love sending photos from my phone–it’s so easy!) Among those photos is one of my little red Chevy Prizm, which I recently said goodbye to. I’d been driving it for nearly ten years, which is about as long as I’ve lived in WNY. That probably needs its own post one of these days…anyway, we bought a Honda Insight, and the Civic is now my driving-to-work car.

I am liking my phone quite a bit, but am finding myself tempted with the idea of an iPod touch so I can have access to apps not available for Droid. It occurs to me that I have never bought a new iPod–I’m on my second hand-me-down from Rand–so it wouldn’t be totally insane. 😉

I’m finding that I’m not reading as much as I would like, and my to-read pile grows by the day. I’m going to have to start making a dent in that. Here’s my current to-read shelf at goodreads, which I’m certain is not complete…not all of those books are in my possession, and I know there are books in my possession that are not on the list.

The last non-school book I finished was my friend Seanan’s book A Local Habitation, which I owe her a review of. I am a BAD FRIEND. (I liked it, by the way. Maybe not as much as Rosemary and Rue, but there was plenty to like. I promise to write a proper review in the next week!!!)

And finally, today was the last day of school before SPRING BREAK, BABY. I am not going anywhere fun/interesting, but I will be enjoying my week off. Whoo!

Craft show

The first photo is my stuff–the bottom one is the girl who was sitting next to me.



Like sands through the hourglass

So this weekend, Rand and I went to PA for my cousin’s graduation party. I made him a gift, in addition to a bit of cash, of course. 😉


This, along with a couple of other new items, have been posted in  my etsy shop, although it’s probably a bit late to get any sales on it now! I also made some new bookmarks, posted to flickr, that will be posted in the shop this week. (Oh, and last week, I got a pretty new banner for my shop courtesy of etsy seller the photospot. I think it looks great!)

In addition to the graduation party, Rand and I were able to hang out with my friend Anita, who lives on the west coast. She happened to be in town visiting her parents, so yay!

anita and me

Before we left for PA, Rand and I noticed that the stuff in our refrigerator wasn’t really as cold as it should be. I turned up the temp a couple of notches, and we decided to wait until we got back to worry about it.

Sure enough, there was no improvement when we got back. We did a little bit of research, and determined that it wasn’t worth trying to have it repaired. This morning, Rand went into work a bit late so that we could go to Sears and look for a new one. It’ll be delivered tomorrow. (It’s a Kenmore, in white…nothing fancy. Because our space is limited, we didn’t really have a whole lot of options. The new one is much better than what we have, and is Energy Star rated.) In the meantime, everything perishable is either in the freezer, which is still pretty much working (not 100%, but enough), or in coolers.

So today, other than dealing with that, I’ve been cleaning up the kitchen, reading submissions for Toasted Cheese, taking care of some stuff Rand and I are selling on Amazon, and getting my car inspected. The inspection wouldn’t have been bad, but my check engine light was on, and so I had to pay for the diagnostic so they could figure out how to get it to shut off…but still, relatively painless. I’m good for another year, by which point we will probably have gotten a new car.

Hmmm…was that all? The excitement of my life knows no bounds…