Tweet, tweet

I may not be posting here much, but I am hanging out on twitter more these days.

You can catch me at (my general tweetage)
or (crafty),
or the newly-launched (for all your 27-related needs–email 27 sightings to 27chronicles (at) gmail)

So come and follow me…I promise to follow you back, as long as you’re not porn or a spambot or someone trying to help me maximize my full twitter potential or whatever. 😉

27 things finished

Over at the wedding blog!

One more day…can you believe it? 🙂

New posts

Yesterday was 27 days until my wedding, and there’s a post up at my wedding blog.

Miss Shortskirt put up a new post at Required Reading.

After many, many months, I updated the 27 blog. (I was reminded by my 27 days post at the wedding blog)

Enjoy! 🙂

Postings elsewhere

I posted a short “getting ready for Harry Potter” post here.

There are some new 27 posts here.

And I’ve got some writing tips here and here.


On a lighter note

We’ve been busy over at The Chronicles of 27. Come visit!