Three months

You can read about Rand’s and my little cake tradition over at the wedding blog.

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend! 🙂

Music, sweet music

I put up a post about music at the wedding blog. There will probably be another music post to come!

And speaking of music, the Great Big Sea concert was a blast! I will get around to posting, but in the meantime, photos are here. 🙂

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

As an aside–thanks to all who chimed in on the private post topic. I’ve made my decision, and all will be revealed very soon. 😉

(edited–fixed link to wedding blog)

Yet another wedding post…

This one’s all about our families. Lots of photos, of course! 😀

Happy month-iversary!

Just married!

(Photo by Debbie)

Yep, folks…Rand and I have been married for a whole month. Woohoo! 😀

We currently have our whole cake top sitting in our freezer. We have a secret plan for it, which I will reveal…probably tomorrow. 😉

Rand refers to the above photo as “freewheelin’ Rand and Erin.” I’ll let you all guess on the reference.

Happy day!

Wedding post

I’ve put up a detailed post about the ceremony (with lots of photos) over at the wedding blog!

New wedding blog post

Yes, the wedding posts continue. This one’s all about Thomas! 🙂

More wedding goodness!

If you haven’t already seen it, my post about our awesome photographers is here.

And I just put up one about Jen, my awesome wedding hostess.

And fear not, there is yet more wedding awesomeness to come…I am SO not finished. 😉

Lyrics posted

I posted the lyrics to Greg Klyma’s wedding song for us over at the wedding blog. I never did find them…I had to email Greg and ask him to send them to me. He happily obliged.

Speaking of Greg, don’t forget…show at Broadway Joe’s this Friday w/Tom Bianchi and Ookla! 🙂 Details a few posts back.

New wedding post

This one focuses on Adam and his faboo caricatures! 🙂

(Photo by Debbie)

Go here for more!

New wedding blog post

I posted a long-ish and rather photo heavy post about Greg Klyma and Tom Bianchi’s performance at our reception over at the wedding blog. Enjoy! 🙂