bbm package

Over the weekend, I received my blogging-by-mail package from Audrey at Rouge Tomate.

It’s just full of tasty treats! I still haven’t opened the VERY yummy looking chocolate with dried cranberries. Mmmm… I also got a selection of Coffee Crisp bars, tea, maple caramel (sounds tasty!), some Les Citrons candies and Hoisin sauce. Audrey also included a recipe for sour cream coffee cake that looks fantastic. Thanks, Audrey!

Michelle at Our Full House received the package I sent her, which I had lots of fun putting together! I got all ambitious and made cupcakes. I was worried about mailing them, but I guess they made it there okay!

frosted cupcakes

packaged cupcakes

I individually wrapped them in cling wrap, then packed them into a gladware container with packing peanuts!

This is so much fun. Thanks again, Stephanie!

One thought on “Blogging-by-mail

  1. Erin, They arrived just fine. No problems with shipping them at all. Thanks again for the package. Of by the way my 21 month old daughter loved the chocolate covered ginger, in fact I think she ate just about all of them. I got a taste or too as did hubby. My boys didn’t like them, but she just couldn’t get enough.

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