New pens!

So last weekend, I ordered two pens from This was the first one:


It’s a Duke pen, and it’s really, really pretty. The photo doesn’t do it justice at all. It also came in a snazzy case:


It came with a converter and also takes cartridges. Right now, I have a black cartridge (that came with the AldoDomani pen I bought at OfficeMax. It’s a medium point, and I don’t really care for it) in it. I like the way the pen feels in my hand, and it writes quite nicely:


The other pen, which I neglected to take any photos of, is a Hero 328. I like the way this pen writes, but it has a squeeze (bladder) converter, which is kind of a pain. I didn’t have any bottled ink (I just ordered some), so I filled it by cutting open one of my Sheaffer cartridges and dumping the contents into a bottlecap.

I have discovered that the Sheaffer ink cartridges don’t fit into any other pens. Bummer. I ordered one bottle of purple ink (I love purple!) and some black and blue cartridges, which should be here soon.

I did get those Pilot Varsity pens I ordered…and they’re fine, except that they claim to be fine point and I don’t think they really are.

And that’s my pen report for today. Whoo!

2 thoughts on “New pens!

  1. Very nice! I haven’t tried either of those brands (Hero, Duke). My Vanishing Point pen is a Pilot, but I’ve not tried the Pilot Varsities.

    I’m a fine point person, myself. I love the way my Waterman Phileas feels and writes, but the medium nib is just a little too wide for my inky-dinky handwriting.

  2. You can buy bottled ink at Vidlers in East Aurora…along with everything else that you can buy at Vidlers in East Aurora!

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