Blogging by Mail

blogging by mail
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A full week ago (plus a couple of days…) I received my Blogging-by-Mail package from Holly, and it is pretty awesome. Seen in the photo–a calligraphy quill (that I have yet to take out of the package), a hazelnut candle, whole nutmeg, chocolate gingerbread cookies, and a spice grater (for the nutmeg, of course!). Not seen in the photo is a very nice jar that the cookies came in. The cookie recipe is in the post I linked to above.

I love participating in this event, and I want to thank my dear friend Stephanie for doing such a great job of coordinating it!

You can read about the package I sent to Natalie here. (I owe her some recipes, which I’ve promised to post here…soon, I swear!)

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