Here I go again


So, remember how I talked about wanting to (among other things) see Mamma Mia! (again) at Shea’s this February?

Well, yesterday Rand came home holding two tickets for the February 13 show.

And how did this fabulous turn of events come to be? Well apparently a good while back, Adam asked Rand if the two of us would like to join him and his fiancee Jolene for the show. Rand said he thought that would be swell, and Adam and Jolene gave us the tickets for Christmas. Rand, however, wanted to surprise me and waited until now to tell me–so he could be sure I didn’t make alternate plans. Or buy tickets for Mamma Mia! 😉

This will be my third time, but Rand’s first (apart from seeing the movie). Many, many thanks to Adam and Jolene for the awesome gift. Squee!

3 thoughts on “Here I go again

  1. Have fun! I didn’t see the show when it came to Rochester, but I did interview Michelle Dawson and Kittra Coomer, the actresses playing Tanya and Rosie, and enjoyed both conversations. If that article’s still floating around online, I’ll hunt it down and link it.

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