I’m having a meeting with my creative writing club at school, and I’ve asked my students to come up with some writing goals (or resolutions) for the coming year. So, since I’m asking my students to do this, I figure I should do the same!

I’m hesitant about calling them “resolutions,” so I’m going to call mine a loose collection of goals that I resolve to feel no guilt or pressure about. 😉

1. Post something in my blog once a week.

2. Start journaling regularly again.

3. Find more time for reading (for fun).

4. Prepare something (probably a short story) for submission somewhere.

5. Do something during NaNoWriMo this year, even if it’s a smaller goal than a complete novel.

By posting this here, I’m making good on #1 already!

This is not really writing-related, but I’d also like to find more time to work on calligraphy projects…sadly, I have to get caught up on that pile of grading first!!

What goals are you setting for yourself, writing or otherwise?

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