Gonna have a good time

Because I know A LOT of people celebrating a birthday today, many of them related to me, I started today off by sharing this video on Facebook:

Got myself a birthday pedicure (no, I’m not posting new pics), and indulged in some fresh-cut fries at Five Guys.

Later, after Rand gets home, we’ll be going out for Korean bbq (YUM).

I think I’m going to spend a bit of quality time with my birthday present (which yes, I did get early) before then:
my ukulele

(That’s the pic I took in the store, which is better than the one I took at home. Isn’t it pretty?) I’m still mainly practicing the same 3 chords, and trying to work a couple of new ones in. I’m currently not very good at moving my fingers smoothly to or from G. I’m trying to make sure I pick it up and play with it for at least 10-15 minutes every day (more if I feel like it/if my fingers don’t hurt too much). Wish me luck!


Happy birthday Rand!

Happy birthday, baby!

Feel free to comment with birthday wishes of your own. I’ll make sure he sees them! 🙂



me and rand

cute garter


first dance

It’s my birthday too, yeah

Got this card from Eden, which was a lovely way to start the day. 😉

I’ve started it off by skipping my 9 am yoga class. I got halfway dressed, and then sat down and didn’t get back up. Sigh. Oh well. 😉

My big plans for the day? Uh…I plan on making myself cupcakes, and maybe doing some reading. Later, Rand and I are going to see Great Big Sea. I think it’s going to be a good day…it can’t top last year, of course, but it’ll still be good. 😀

Hope you all have an excellent day-of-my-birth.

Bad daughter

As you know, I’ve been pretty preoccupied this week with grading and getting ready for my shower today and moving and…well, you know.

My dad’s birthday was on Thursday.

I didn’t forget that it was my dad’s birthday entirely…I thought about it earlier in the week, when I called my mom to ask what I should get him. And I thought about having something to give him when I see him today.

But what I did forget to do was call my dad on his birthday. :-/

Sorry, dad. Happy belated birthday, eh?

Happy Birthday!


Today is Rand’s birthday. If you’d like to send along your birthday wishes, feel free to post them here. 🙂

walking down main street

Happy Birthday, love! 🙂