New pens!

So last weekend, I ordered two pens from This was the first one:


It’s a Duke pen, and it’s really, really pretty. The photo doesn’t do it justice at all. It also came in a snazzy case:


It came with a converter and also takes cartridges. Right now, I have a black cartridge (that came with the AldoDomani pen I bought at OfficeMax. It’s a medium point, and I don’t really care for it) in it. I like the way the pen feels in my hand, and it writes quite nicely:


The other pen, which I neglected to take any photos of, is a Hero 328. I like the way this pen writes, but it has a squeeze (bladder) converter, which is kind of a pain. I didn’t have any bottled ink (I just ordered some), so I filled it by cutting open one of my Sheaffer cartridges and dumping the contents into a bottlecap.

I have discovered that the Sheaffer ink cartridges don’t fit into any other pens. Bummer. I ordered one bottle of purple ink (I love purple!) and some black and blue cartridges, which should be here soon.

I did get those Pilot Varsity pens I ordered…and they’re fine, except that they claim to be fine point and I don’t think they really are.

And that’s my pen report for today. Whoo!

Curse you, Emma!

I’ve spent the better part of the afternoon looking at fountain pens on the internet. Here’s what I’m considering buying:

Waterman Phileas

Waterman Kultur

Pelikan Pelikano

Parker Vector

Hero 328

Duke Silver Filigree Ruby (I know nothing about this pen, but it’s a really good price, and it’s really nice looking!)

These range in price from the cheapest being $6.99 and the most expensive being $34. Anyone with any expertise in this area want to offer an opinion?