New etsy items

Some things I’ve posted in my shop this week:

live well, laugh often, love much

(actual size=matted for a 5×7 frame)

bookmark-live, laugh, love

(Bookmark, “live, laugh, love)


(Bookmark, “We read to know we are not alone.”)


(Bookmark, “Music is an outburst of the soul.”)

More coming soon! Check out my etsy shop here:



Quick calligraphy update

I spent a lot of time this weekend thinking about/working on my etsy shop

You can help me out by becoming a fan on facebook (or, if you’re already a fan, by inviting a friend or two!) I also started another twitter account–one especially for the calligraphy: calligbyerin.

I’m off now do do some errands, which includes a stop at the craft store for some supplies. I plan on posting a few new items this week.

Let me know if you have a favorite quote/saying that you’d like to see in calligraphy!

Oh, those vacation pictures will be coming later today… 😉

Shameless self-promotion

So I’ve opted to not try and find a mindless temp or retail job for the summer. I’ve been saving some in anticipation of this, but I’d like to have some money coming in. 😉

I’ve been working on promotion for my etsy shop. I just went in and updated all of my listings, as well as adding a new one. My items are custom-made to the needs of the buyer. Here are some samples:

Wedding/anniversary gifts
Kristen and Tim

Baby gifts

Gifts for mom

Gifts for teachers

And more! (click to see my flickr photoset)

You can also become a fan on facebook or follow me on twitter. Please feel free to spread the word! 🙂

Anyone  have any promotional advice for me? Please share!

How well do you know me-answers

Yes, this is the quiz that’s been making its way around facebook. I’m amused by it. If you’re not, feel free to move along. 😉

Click here to take it on facebook (if you’re my friend there), or just see below the break for the answers!

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How well do you know me?

Yes, this is the quiz that’s been making its way around facebook. I’m amused by it. If you’re not, feel free to move along. 😉

Click here to take it on facebook (if you’re my friend there), or see below the break. I’ll post the answers (with commentary) in the next couple of days.

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Random Monday Things

In easy, bullet-point form.

  • Over the weekend, I purchased this book. It is chock full of low-fat, low-calorie recipes involving PUMPKIN! WHEE!
  • As of today’s “Biggest Loser” weigh-in, I am down 5 pounds from the weight that so horrified me and prompted me to join the competition. That’s nearly halfway to my target, so yay.
  • Eden just invited me to a Facebook event that brought this song to my attention. I was amused, so I thought I’d post it here. (It’s a Steeler fan parody of Beyonce’s “All the Single Ladies.” Darn it all, that song is catchy.)
  • Eden and I chose and notified our Dead of Winter contest winners. Yay!
  • It is mid-term/Regents week at school, and the marking period closes Friday. That means I have no classes to teach this week, but I have a TON of work to do. Tomorrow and Wednesday, I proctor exams. When I’m not doing that, I’ll be grading or entering grades.
  • Rand and I decided to attend Trinity @ 7 last evening. We enjoyed it, and will probably be back. What makes it even more enticing? Completely randomly, we ran into his cousin Paul and his girlfriend Tyra there. Tyra was reading! Small, small Buffalo world.
  • Have not yet located a Wii. I just need to sit down and make phone calls one of these days.
  • Chatted with my dear friend Stephanie today. It had been far too long! So thanks again, Stephanie, for pinning me down. 😉
  • Through a serendipitous series of events that led to me being online friends with Jessica (aka miss_shortskirt), I got to read an ARC of Ally Carter’s upcoming book. Squee! I *heart* this series.  I’ll have to post a review.
  • Since I was a slacker and didn’t really post last week, I forgot to mention the inauguration. I got to watch for a bit at school, and I thought it was incredibly moving.  Yay, President Obama!

    Is there more? Probably, but that’s all I can manage for now. Toodles!

    Scrabble makes everything better

    I seriously don’t know what my problem is today. But this was a moment of excitement:

    New Scrabble game. My first move: “intrepid” for a bingo. Rock on. 😉

    Friday Flair post!

    Yeah, I actually have a lot of things to talk about, but I’ve been too lazy to write. Maybe I’ll get to it this weekend (including a FKO report, what I’ve been reading/watching/listening, and other fun stuff…)

    But for now, my good friend Eden has me totally addicted to the Pieces of Flair app on facebook. Go to my profile (or the app) to check it out.

    Here’s a screenshot of my flair:


    Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

    Are you wearing green? I am!

    Working today. I’ve been having trouble with my blog since wordpress got upgraded–specifically, accessing my blog using Internet Explorer on the computers at work. I could log in, but I couldn’t *do* anything. I solved the problem today by downloading the portable version of Firefox for my USB key. Looks good so far! 🙂

    I had a nice mellow weekend at home. I got all domestic, making chocolate chip cookies on Saturday and meatballs on Sunday. I also did laundry, read a bit, watched some TV, and didn’t spend a whole lot of time online. I did play on facebook here and there (I have two ongoing Scrabble games–feel free to grab me if you want to play!) as well as some other stuff.

    I had a fun day teaching math at the middle school on Friday. The 7th graders celebrated Pi Day by decorating digits of Pi to hang on the wall, playing games, and eating pie that they brought in! (Yes, I ate a piece, but only one!) I can’t believe they paid me for that. 😉

    And that’s the news on this end. Hope you’re all having a happy St. Pat’s! Enjoy some of my favorite irish-esque music, eh? (I might add some videos when I get home and can access YouTube.)


    Great Big Sea

    Carbon Leaf