Week in review, part 1

Wow, it’s been kinda crazy around here this week. I spent the early part of the week mostly recovering from the wild weekend of two weddings. Wedding #1 was in Syracuse–we drove out Friday night and hung out with my family. There was a Tully’s right across the street from the hotel, so we spent a lot of time there, eating and drinking way too much.

I wasn’t in a great position to get decent pictures at the ceremony or the reception, but my dad got some good ones. He’s been uploading them to facebook, so perhaps I will snag some of them there.

I did get to wear my awesome vintage dress:


(looking at these pics, I really need a haircut.)

We left the reception at around 10 to head home to Buffalo so that we could get some sleep before waking up early Sunday morning to drive to Cleveland for wedding #2!

We made it there in good time, and enjoyed our first Greek Orthodox wedding ceremony. The bride, as she had always promised, walked down the aisle to an arrangement of “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” played on the organ. Most of my pictures are up at flickr (except for some reception pics that I didn’t edit yet).


Stephanie looked fabulous in her RED wedding gown! I had a great time catching up with some people I hadn’t seen in quite a while. And even though we were exhausted, I stuck it out until the very end of the reception and the ceremonial playing of “American Pie” (it’s a sorority thing). I’m glad I did–even though that song seems so much longer than it used to!

Oh, and Stephanie’s reception had a photo booth. Way cool, and lots of fun. 🙂

Congratulations and best wishes Niki and Josh, and Stephanie and Brent!

What I’ve been up to

It’s clear that I’m never going to get around to writing about all of the things I’ve been up to recently, so here is a bullet-point list in no particular order:

  • Went to see The Dark Knight. I didn’t like it as much as the rest of the world did, but neither did I dislike it. Rand thought Heath Ledger’s Joker voice was a little too Al Franken, and Christian Bale’s Batman voice drove me, um…batty. I thought the ending monologue was kind of stupid.
  • Visited with the Huths in Houghton, which was lovely. You can see my most recent flickr photos, which are of their yard/garden, and their adorable daughter.
  • Attended the wedding of Rand’s cousin.
  • Went to a family anniversary party out near Syracuse.
  • Watched some movies (and other fun stuff) with the nifty new Roku, from Netflix.
  • Survived a whole week of school, including schedule changes out the wazoo, broken copiers, and other mishaps.
  • Added a bunch of books to my “to-read” pile, but made little progress.
  • Also saw Tropic Thunder–hardly brilliant, but quite amusing.

There’s probably more, but that’s all I’ve got for now…

Yet another wedding post…

This one’s all about our families. Lots of photos, of course! 😀

Bad daughter

As you know, I’ve been pretty preoccupied this week with grading and getting ready for my shower today and moving and…well, you know.

My dad’s birthday was on Thursday.

I didn’t forget that it was my dad’s birthday entirely…I thought about it earlier in the week, when I called my mom to ask what I should get him. And I thought about having something to give him when I see him today.

But what I did forget to do was call my dad on his birthday. :-/

Sorry, dad. Happy belated birthday, eh?

Happy Easter!

Hope you all have a lovely day. I’m off for PA to visit with the fam.


I h ave a million things to blog…okay, a million is probably an exaggeration, but still.

I took a bunch of pictures over the weekend that I have yet to upload. Soon.

Visiting with the family was good. It was my grandpa’s birthday, and so we had a little family get-together. My aunt and cousin who live in Maryland were there, so it was great to see them.

Of course, I left some things behind…a hairbrush, and a book that I was reading. Feh.

Also slightly annoying…I had been hoping my wedding dress would arrive before the weekend so that I could go and try it on. Alas, the bridal shop called me *yesterday* to tell me that my dress had come in. (You can read about my ongoing shoe quest over at my wedding blog, should you care about that sort of thing…) Rand and I have been plugging away at the wedding details, which I will write about in more detail over there.

We stayed up to watch the Oscars Sunday night, and I wasn’t as bored as I thought I would be. I may go into more detail, but here are the highlights (as far as I’m concerned):

  • The musical numbers. Loved all of them. I haven’t seen any of the movies that had songs nominated (Enchanted, August Rush, Once), but I want to see them all!
  • Jon Stewart bringing the woman who won for Once back onstage to give her acceptance speech since she was so rudely played off. Awesome.
  • Diablo Cody! Whoo! She made me cry.
  • Jennifer Garner being the picture of grace and style. She looked so adorably excited when Diablo Cody won.
  • The cute French girl winning best actress.
  • Ratatouille winning best animated feature.

Hmm…there’s probably more, but I’ve already forgotten. Sadly, I forgot all about joining Eden’s Oscar group and making picks this year. I tried to log in and do it at 8 on Sunday, but I was denied. Denied! Ah well.

Worked yesterday, and am working today. Work is good, but I’m so tired. Want sleep.

And now, I must prepare for a room full of 6th graders. Later!