30 Day Challenge – Day 22

Picture Of You On This Day

Me, today

I just bought a new photo app for my phone, and I was playing with it a bit.  Not the world’s best pic of me, but not terrible either. 🙂


Time for a few stream-of-consciousness ramblings…

Life taken over for the past week or so by end-of-quarter grades. Survived. Also survived report card night fully intact. (Last night, parents could come to school and pick up their child’s report card, and talk to any teachers they wished to talk to. I was VERY nervous, but it was fine.)

Wish we had the whole day off tomorrow instead of a half day, but I’ll get by. 😉

Adam Lambert’s performance at the AMAs? Over the top? Yes. But what do you expect, America, from the guy who cites Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, and Lady Gaga as favorite artists/influences? And how is it any different than anything, oh, say, Madonna has ever done? Seriously. She is literally famous for pulling this sort of thing at awards shows. (Incidentally, apart from the S/M overtones, the whole thing reminded me a lot of Paula Abdul’s “Cold Hearted” video. Coincidence?)

Just as a general statement to all–the busier I get, the more absent-minded I get. That means I do things like forget to answer my e-mail. If I forgot to answer your email, I humbly apologize. :-/

Still in the market for a smartphone. Currently considering the new Motorola Droid on Verizon…

Got to meet my very first niece (!!) over the weekend. Had a nice visit with David and family, but forgot to bring the camera. Will take pictures over the holiday. If you’ve been following me on facebook, you know that it’s been busy, busy baby time on both sides of the fam. Rand’s nephew had a baby boy, making me (despite my protestations that it’s simply not possible) a great aunt. My cousin Meghan went into labor about two months early and was rushed to Pittsburgh to deliver. Baby Fiona is just over 2 pounds, but I understand she (and mom) are both doing fine. The family appreciates all of your kind words/thoughts/prayers.

I started reading Margaret Atwood’s new book, but lord knows when I’ll find the time to finish it. I’m enjoying it so far.

I finished reading the Ed Brubaker Daredevil Omnibus. Wow, did that one end on a downer.

I’ve made micro improvements at DDR. I’m still playing at the lowest level (thanks for that tip, Linda!), but I’m starting to get the hang of it, I think.

I’m sure I have more to say, but I’m gonna call this a post. Tomorrow, I bake. If I am so motivated, I will post photos. Happy almost-Thanksgiving!

Me, in a nutshell

Trying to get through the last few days of school…entering grades, doing reports, tidying up the room, etc.

Speaking of, I sure did accumulate a lot of stuff that I have to take home.

Rand and I have been watching The Wire. We just finished the first season, and have started the second. Good stuff. More on this to come.

We will not be bringing home a kitty…as adorable and sweet as they are. For now, Rand’s dad is taking good care of them.

I’m trying not to stress out too much about next year…but it sure would be nice to know what I’m doing next year.

I bought strawberries at the farmer’s market Saturday, and made some yummy, yummy cupcakes. Promise to post pics and a link to the recipe later.

I gained three pounds this week. Bleah.

Ok, back to work for me. Happy Monday!

Today, I am…

having my teeth cleaned
thinking about artistic endeavors
contemplating my all-time favorite books for a facebook meme
getting new wiper blades put on my car
wishing for a few more days of vacation
in pain (I have a baseball-sized knot in my left shoulder)
playing around with my blog
celebrating a good friend’s success
wondering how it got to be 4 p.m. already
drinking hot chocolate

that’s all…what are you up to today?

Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it

Jen tagged me. I was at work when I saw the post. I took this with my phone.

photo meme

  1. Take a picture of yourself.. riiiiiight.. NOW!
  2. DO NOT change your clothes. DO NOT fix your hair.. Just take a picture.
  3. Post that picture with NO editing.
  4. Post these instructions with your picture.
  5. Tag 10 people to do this!

Ten? Really?


Okay. Jessica, Nicole, Linda, Caoimhe, Kelly, Julie Anne and, oh heck, whoever wants to play. Just leave me a comment if you do. 🙂

Friday Flair post!

Yeah, I actually have a lot of things to talk about, but I’ve been too lazy to write. Maybe I’ll get to it this weekend (including a FKO report, what I’ve been reading/watching/listening, and other fun stuff…)

But for now, my good friend Eden has me totally addicted to the Pieces of Flair app on facebook. Go to my profile (or the app) to check it out.

Here’s a screenshot of my flair: