June? Seriously?

Mind you, I’m not complaining. For one, it seems that the weather is finally starting to cooperate, at least somewhat. For another, it means only 11 1/2 days more of *classes* to go (they still have exams after that, but my life will be much easier).

By the way, it turns out that I’m going to be at this job until the official end of the school year. As long as they’re paying me, I can’t complain. 😉

I just don’t know where the time has gone is all. Finally, the fact that it is June 2 means that THERE ARE ONLY 40 DAYS LEFT UNTIL THE WEDDING.

40 DAYS!

I am excited beyond words. I am also mildly panicking about the things still left to do. I’ll post more about the to-do list over at the wedding blog…

I also need to do the TC newsletter, which I always, always without fail, put off until the last moment. Ah, procrastination.

We had a nice weekend, which those of you who follow me on Twitter already know included seeing Iron Man. I loved it! I also watched the Lost finale, which I thought was very good. (One scene in particular had me weeping tears of joy. Those of you who watched it know which one!)

Slowly but surely, we are ridding the new place of boxes and putting things away. It feels really good…

And that is all. One more class to go for me, and I’m outta here. Enjoy the rest of your Monday! 🙂

Happy housewarming

Unpacking has been keeping us quite busy…but I at least wanted to post these photos of the adorable (and delicious) housewarming gift sent by Debbie, Jodi, and Allison (aka Urban Tapestry):

happy housewarming!

edible arrangement

YUM! Tasty, tasty chocolate covered strawberries. Thanks again, guys! 🙂


Yes, life is still pretty busy. The apartment is empty and clean, and now we try to settle in to the new place!

I have uploaded photos for your viewing pleasure, though. (no titles or descriptions yet, sorry!) Click here!

Long weekend update

I had off Friday AND Monday, but I think I would be more rested if I had been at work! Here’s how my weekend went:


Planned to go to yoga Friday morning. Did not go. Tried to go get a mani/pedi and discovered that the salon I usually go to has closed. (there was a “for rent” sign in the window and everything…) Ran some errands. Sat at the chiropractor’s office for WAY too long. Shopped for some things we needed for the new place. Went to follow-up contact appointment and bought two boxes of contacts. Waited for Rand to get home. Left for St. Marys.

Trip to St. Marys was incredibly annoying…traffic on 219 into Springville backed up.

Arrived in St. Marys just in time for 7 pm showing of The Music Man at the high school, where my cousin Scott had the lead. He was fantastic (as was the rest of the production). Stayed up too late chatting and snacking with family.


Woke up. Helped mom make blueberry muffins. Got dressed and ready for second bridal shower (more details on this to come). Had a lovely time at bridal shower, and got lots of excellent goodies. Visited grandparents. Got ready to drive back to Buffalo. Stopped at Blasedell Pizza in Springville on the way back.

Watched some TV (The Cable Guy, which I had never seen, had shown on cable) and moved some more stuff from the apartment.


Slept in. Visited with my brother and SIL, who were on their way to Niagara Falls/Niagara on the Lake to celebrate their anniversary. They got to see the new place, and we went out for lunch at Anderson’s.

Lots more moving/unpacking, interspersed with bits of TV and a dinner break.


Slept in again. Went to Wegmans to pick up some cleaning supplies. Forgot oven cleaner, which was the main reason why I went. Went back to Wegmans. Headed over to apartment to finish packing/begin cleaning.

Toyed with the idea of paying someone to clean. Decided to suck it up and clean ourselves.

Emptied and cleaned most of the apartment (still left: kitchen floor, living room). Took lunch and dinner breaks. Rand watched 300 (I watched on and off, while hunting around the house looking for things I am missing…), and we headed back over to the apartment to go through the storage area in the basement. Moved or threw away most of that stuff.


We should easily finish cleaning and moving today. There’s not much left to do. But man, do I wish I had another day or two to unwind!

Whew. I should get back to work. Look for some photos and a wedding blog update soon! (46 days until the wedding–ACK!)

I hate moving

Augh. It just eats up ALL of your time and energy. Things are coming along well, though, I must say. Will update soon!


I am at work and just barely hanging on. Thank goodness I only have three classes today (all of the seventh graders are going on a field trip), and one of them is working in the computer lab.

My legs are achy from going up and down the stairs moving stuff, and we are FAR from being done. All the big stuff will be moved by the time I leave work today, but we still have to move much of the kitchen stuff, ALL the contents of the closets, and a bunch of stuff out of storage. (Other than clothes we plan to wear in the next week or so, none of this has to be done immediately…)

And then there’s the cleaning. I’m kind of dreading the oven.

Blah. 😉

Big day!

We are closing on the town house today! Well, technically, Rand is closing on the town house today. 😉

We’ll pick up the keys tomorrow and begin the process of moving in. Movers are coming to move our furniture and boxes and boxes of books next week.

This is so exciting!!!

I have two more trips to make out to the college to give back portfolios and turn in my grades. One class is completely done. The other class is almost done. I will most certainly be finished with my grades by this evening. Whew!

Today, I had to enter interim grades for the middle school students. It wasn’t difficult, but it’s always a challenge learning new programs. Thankfully, there’s always someone around I can ask for help!

I’ve seen several English jobs posted for next year, and I’ve been applying for them…keep your fingers crossed for me! There’s actually a job at the school where I’m working now, but I’m not certified. (It’s a 6th grade position, and I do not have the grade 5-6 extension. If only I had known how frequently that would come up…)

Okay, I should get back to work…happy hump day!

VHS tapes…what to do?

So, as we prepare for our big move (will be happening sometime this month…), we’re clearing out clutter and giving away/selling/throwing away lots of stuff.

I currently have a bag full of movies on VHS. Many of them are Disney movies. Some of them are unopened. I know I can’t sell them, but is there anyplace that would take them before I just throw them in the garbage? Lemme know if you know of anything.