Cover me

So I final got around to reading this post at Mental Floss, featuring some of the author’s favorite cover versions of various songs. I found that I was familiar with (and a fan of) most of them…but I thought I’d share some of my faves that didn’t make that list.

Here’s Travis doing Britney’s “Baby One More Time”

Here’s a Ben Folds cover of a Dr. Dre song…really, really NSFW, so click this link with care!

And finally, Jonathan Coulton does “Baby Got Back”:

I know there are others…but what are your favorites? 🙂

All about me (AV edition)

As seen on the blog of miss_shortskirt:

I think the best shows on TV right now are

How I Met Your Mother

I think the best show(s) NOT on TV is (are)

The West Wing
Arrested Development

Shows I think I would like but haven’t watched yet are


The show I am most anticipating is

Glee (oh, yes! me too!)

My go-to movies for repeat viewings are

When Harry Met Sally
Say Anything
The Princess Bride

I will watch any movie starring

Paul Rudd

I will listen to any CD by

Um…Ookla the Mok? (hee)
Carbon Leaf
Great Big Sea
Hawksley Workman
Ron Hawkins

My favorite musical soundtracks are

Les Miserables
Jesus Christ Superstar

My favorite Beatles song

Let it Be
or Come Together

My favorite Regina Spektor song

(Sorry, I don’t know who that is)

My favorite Weezer song

Uh….Buddy Holly? I’m actually not all that intimate with Weezer.

*ETA* Just realized that “Island in the Sun” comes up in my Pandora station all the time. I <3 that song.

My favorite Simon and Garfunkel song

Kathy’s Song

My favorite Britney Spears song

Sorry, got nothin’ here

My favorite movie soundtracks

Garden State
Moulin Rouge
**can’t really argue with those, but I will add:
and also, Walk Hard (the Dewey Cox Story)

My favorite Disney movie

The Little Mermaid.
No, The Lion King.
No, Beauty and the Beast.
No, Aladdin.
Definitely one of those. 😉

My favorite song from a Disney Movie

Friend Like Me
or Kiss the Girl
or Under the Sea

My favorite songs at this exact moment are

Pregnant Women are Smug
The Future Soon
Cold, Cold Heart
Short Skirt, Long Jacket

Music I like (according to Pandora)

In between proctoring midterms, I spent a lot of quality time in my classroom…grading, cleaning up, and all kinds of other little classroom tasks. This allowed me to spend some quality time with my favorite Internet radio station–Pandora.

I have a bunch of stations that I listen to, but the one I keep coming back to is this one. I named it something lame, like “mellow,” and I don’t remember what artist I used to create the station. Some of my old favorites there include Carbon Leaf, KT Tunstall, the Shins, and a few others that I can’t remember right now

But what I’m most interested in are the songs and artists Pandora suggests to me based on what I like…here’s a sampling of the artists that come up regularly on this station:

Fountains of Wayne
Howie Day
Jack Johnson
Glenn Tilbrook
Turin Brakes
Jump, Little Children (I saw them live several years ago, and liked them very much…I had kind of forgotten about them until they popped up in my station!

I *love* the Travis song that keeps coming up…it’s called “Side.”

The thing about Pandora is that they are a bit limited in the song selections. It’ll play an artist, and I’ll only get two or three songs by that artist playing on my station. So, I’d be very interested in hearing whether any of you have any recommendations based on the above list. Throw ’em my way!

Music, sweet music

I put up a post about music at the wedding blog. There will probably be another music post to come!

And speaking of music, the Great Big Sea concert was a blast! I will get around to posting, but in the meantime, photos are here. 🙂

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

As an aside–thanks to all who chimed in on the private post topic. I’ve made my decision, and all will be revealed very soon. 😉

(edited–fixed link to wedding blog)

Reminder-Broadway Joe’s tonight!

Greg Klyma, Tom Bianchi, Ookla the Mok at Broadway Joe’s.

Doors at 7:30

$10 cover

Later! 🙂

Lyrics posted

I posted the lyrics to Greg Klyma’s wedding song for us over at the wedding blog. I never did find them…I had to email Greg and ask him to send them to me. He happily obliged.

Speaking of Greg, don’t forget…show at Broadway Joe’s this Friday w/Tom Bianchi and Ookla! 🙂 Details a few posts back.

Wedding music

I’m talking processional and recessional music over at the wedding blog. Go forth and offer your opinion. You know you have one. 😉

Happy Monday

I had a busy weekend and thus a lot to report on…but I’m feeling kinda blah right now. 😛

Quick version: Friday night, went to see Ookla’s bass player play with a cover band in North Tonawanda. Missed the first Buffalo Tweetup, but hope to make it to the next one!

Saturday, went to Club W to see our friend’s girlfriend compete in some sort of talent competition. From what we saw, she should have cleaned it up. She’s a singer-songwriter, and she rocks. Socialized at Pano’s afterwards.

Sunday, attended the “ladies who blog” brunch arranged by Jen. It was a lovely time. Hung out with Jen for a bit afterward, which was also nice…we don’t do that nearly enough! 🙂

Oh, and on Saturday, the two new pens I ordered arrived! I have pictures, and I’ll write a whole post about them soon. 😉

Mix tapes…er, CDs

I recently made a mix for a new blogfriend and I wanted to share!

  • What About Everything (Carbon Leaf)
  • P.M. Prima Donna (Ookla the Mok)
  • Black Horse and the Cherry Tree (KT Tunstall)
  • Cold, Cold Heart (Midge Ure)
  • Striptease (Hawksley Workman)
  • Solar Circle Girl (Einstein’s Sister)
  • The Future Soon (Jonathan Coulton)
  • Ordinary Day (Great Big Sea)
  • The Girl That’s Never Been (Escape Key…aka Michelle Dockrey)
  • How’s it Goin’ (Greg Klyma)
  • Bubblegum 45s (Jim Boggia)
  • On the Verge (Collin Raye)
  • Crackstatic (Ron Hawkins and the Rusty Nails)
  • Molly (Jackdaw)
  • We Used to be Friends (The Dandy Warhols)
  • Amigone (Goo Goo Dolls)
  • Steady, As She Goes (The Raconteurs)
  • The Sunnyside of the Street (The Pogues)
  • Salesmen, Cheats and Liars (The Lowest of the Low)
  • Cupid’s Chokehold (Gym Class Heroes)
  • Hockey Monkey (written by James Kochalka, perfomed by Ookla the Mok)
  • I’m a Rover (Great Big Sea)

There’s no thematic connection. They’re all fairly upbeat songs that make me happy. 🙂 I could easily make another entire mix with stuff that’s on my iPod but not on my computer (a situation I hope to remedy soon!).

If you think this mix is awesome and would like one for your very own, contact me. I’ll pass on Jessica’s promise. I’ll happily send you one, if you promise to reciprocate!

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

Are you wearing green? I am!

Working today. I’ve been having trouble with my blog since wordpress got upgraded–specifically, accessing my blog using Internet Explorer on the computers at work. I could log in, but I couldn’t *do* anything. I solved the problem today by downloading the portable version of Firefox for my USB key. Looks good so far! 🙂

I had a nice mellow weekend at home. I got all domestic, making chocolate chip cookies on Saturday and meatballs on Sunday. I also did laundry, read a bit, watched some TV, and didn’t spend a whole lot of time online. I did play on facebook here and there (I have two ongoing Scrabble games–feel free to grab me if you want to play!) as well as some other stuff.

I had a fun day teaching math at the middle school on Friday. The 7th graders celebrated Pi Day by decorating digits of Pi to hang on the wall, playing games, and eating pie that they brought in! (Yes, I ate a piece, but only one!) I can’t believe they paid me for that. 😉

And that’s the news on this end. Hope you’re all having a happy St. Pat’s! Enjoy some of my favorite irish-esque music, eh? (I might add some videos when I get home and can access YouTube.)


Great Big Sea

Carbon Leaf