30 Day Challenge-Day 3

Favorite musician

Man, these are hard…

Well, I have to start with the one brought Rand and me together:

(Ron Hawkins)

And there are more after the jump.
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BufBloPoFo, Day 8

BufBloPoFo 09 Topic for Day 8

Alright, enough of this lazy stuff, time to get those creative juices flowing. Take a look to the right over there and you’ll see a list of the “BufBloPoFo 09 Participants”. It’s pretty, isn’t it?!? Look at them all! Okay, now find whichever blog is below yours and talk about that dude. If you know them, tell us how you met. If you don’t know them, talk about something you read on their site. Whichever it is, end your post by asking that person a question. (That last part maaaaaaay be important later on…)

And the lucky winner is…GabsOSteel.

I do not know GabsOSteel, nor have I ever read her blog before today. I know that she lives in Chicago, got drunk on St. Patrick’s Day, and bought a Wii. OH! And she likes Veronica Mars. That makes her okay in my book. 😉

This’ll be short and sweet. My question for GabsOSteel:

Veronica and Logan–true love 4-evah, or horrible, horrible mistake?