Three months

You can read about Rand’s and my little cake tradition over at the wedding blog.

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend! 🙂

Yet another wedding post…

This one’s all about our families. Lots of photos, of course! 😀

Happy month-iversary!

Just married!

(Photo by Debbie)

Yep, folks…Rand and I have been married for a whole month. Woohoo! 😀

We currently have our whole cake top sitting in our freezer. We have a secret plan for it, which I will reveal…probably tomorrow. 😉

Rand refers to the above photo as “freewheelin’ Rand and Erin.” I’ll let you all guess on the reference.

Happy day!

Wedding post

I’ve put up a detailed post about the ceremony (with lots of photos) over at the wedding blog!

Lazy, rainy Sunday

Rand and I are sitting here watching women’s gymnastics. I’m having a hard time understanding this new scoring system…although I think they just explained it in a way that makes sense. Sort of.  😉

We saw our parents yesterday…they both came to Buffalo to visit, and we went out for lunch. We had a very nice day. My parents brought a CD with wedding photos, and I started working on uploading them to flickr. I still have *lots* more.

We also got a couple of CDs in the mail from Debbie, and I haven’t even begun to look at them yet. 🙂

Last night, Rand and I went to see Pineapple Express. It was funny. Extremely violent, but funny. 😉

Ok, enough for me…G’night!

New wedding blog post

Yes, the wedding posts continue. This one’s all about Thomas! 🙂

More wedding goodness!

If you haven’t already seen it, my post about our awesome photographers is here.

And I just put up one about Jen, my awesome wedding hostess.

And fear not, there is yet more wedding awesomeness to come…I am SO not finished. 😉

New wedding post

This one focuses on Adam and his faboo caricatures! 🙂

(Photo by Debbie)

Go here for more!

New wedding blog post

I posted a long-ish and rather photo heavy post about Greg Klyma and Tom Bianchi’s performance at our reception over at the wedding blog. Enjoy! 🙂


1. First post up at the wedding blog.

2. Honeymoon photos have made their way from my camera to the computer, but not yet to flickr.

3. Rand just sent me this, which made me laugh…

4. DMV experience (at the ECC North location) was completely and utterly painless. Whee!

5. Wal-Mart happily gave me store credit for a miniblind I bought and decided I didn’t want, but lost the receipt for. Win! Already spent store credit.

6. Prepared chicken for dinner using a new slow cooker recipe. Cross your fingers!