Three months

You can read about Rand’s and my little cake tradition over at the wedding blog.

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend! 🙂

Music, sweet music

I put up a post about music at the wedding blog. There will probably be another music post to come!

And speaking of music, the Great Big Sea concert was a blast! I will get around to posting, but in the meantime, photos are here. 🙂

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

As an aside–thanks to all who chimed in on the private post topic. I’ve made my decision, and all will be revealed very soon. 😉

(edited–fixed link to wedding blog)

Yet another wedding post…

This one’s all about our families. Lots of photos, of course! 😀

Wedding post

I’ve put up a detailed post about the ceremony (with lots of photos) over at the wedding blog!

New wedding blog post

Yes, the wedding posts continue. This one’s all about Thomas! 🙂

More wedding goodness!

If you haven’t already seen it, my post about our awesome photographers is here.

And I just put up one about Jen, my awesome wedding hostess.

And fear not, there is yet more wedding awesomeness to come…I am SO not finished. 😉

New wedding blog post

I posted a long-ish and rather photo heavy post about Greg Klyma and Tom Bianchi’s performance at our reception over at the wedding blog. Enjoy! 🙂


1. First post up at the wedding blog.

2. Honeymoon photos have made their way from my camera to the computer, but not yet to flickr.

3. Rand just sent me this, which made me laugh…

4. DMV experience (at the ECC North location) was completely and utterly painless. Whee!

5. Wal-Mart happily gave me store credit for a miniblind I bought and decided I didn’t want, but lost the receipt for. Win! Already spent store credit.

6. Prepared chicken for dinner using a new slow cooker recipe. Cross your fingers!

27 things

Hey, have you seen my little “27 things I love about Rand” countdown to our wedding? 🙂

New posts every day at erin-go-weddingblog!

New posts

Yesterday was 27 days until my wedding, and there’s a post up at my wedding blog.

Miss Shortskirt put up a new post at Required Reading.

After many, many months, I updated the 27 blog. (I was reminded by my 27 days post at the wedding blog)

Enjoy! 🙂