The week is over

And I collapse into an exhausted puddle of goo.

Things have gone well. I’ll give a more extensive update when I have more energy.

We have a lot of little things planned this weekend, so I will not likely be spending much time in front of the computer.

Happy Friday, all! Go celebrate the return of the Pumpkin Spice syrup at Starbucks. 😉


I’m having a pleasant enough Saturday, despite missing Rand, who is entertaining the masses at DucKon.

I got up WAY too early this morning (after attending the Guitar Concerto Competition finals last night at Kleinhans, courtesy of Jen; more on that later) to go to yoga class, because I missed Thursday’s session. (I’d have contemplated just skipping it, but I missed a class during the move that I never made up. I was willing to let one go, but not two!) The Saturday morning class starts at (sigh) 8. But of course, once I got there, I was very glad to be there.

Made a quick Wegmans run to pick up a few essentials, then puttered around the house a bit before taking a shower and trying to get in touch with my little. We’d made a tentative plan to get together today, and I’d told her to call me yesterday after school. She didn’t, so I called and left her a message to give me a call back. She didn’t. So I tried again today, and still no dice. Ah well. She’s 17 now, and terribly hard to pin down!

I ran by the jeweler, who had wanted to do some repair work on my engagement ring. I had to leave it–sniff! I feel so naked! It’ll be done within the week. Definitely by Saturday, maybe sooner. That seems like an eternity right now, though.

I then headed out for a bit of pampering. I went out to Niagara Falls Boulevard to check out a nail salon I’d heard about. It was a very pleasant experience all around, but driving on Niagara Falls Boulevard was not. Ugh.

Stopped at Lowe’s to pick up some new cabinet fixtures for the bathroom. I’ll post some before and after pics for your amusement.

Then I ran by the library, because I wanted to get some books. Yeah, I am in possession of books that have not been read yet, but I wanted *different* books. Much to my dismay, I learned that my local branch is closed on Saturdays for the summer. Boo.

Thought about going to the art festival, but with Rand out of town, my little not responding, and Jen otherwise occupied today…well, I dunno. I don’t know if I want to go badly enough to go alone!

And finally, I am, like many others, saddened by the passing of Tim Russert. I have no profound words, just to say that it is a tragic loss, and he will be missed by many.

That’s about it for me. Hope you’re having a pleasant day!

Long weekend update

I had off Friday AND Monday, but I think I would be more rested if I had been at work! Here’s how my weekend went:


Planned to go to yoga Friday morning. Did not go. Tried to go get a mani/pedi and discovered that the salon I usually go to has closed. (there was a “for rent” sign in the window and everything…) Ran some errands. Sat at the chiropractor’s office for WAY too long. Shopped for some things we needed for the new place. Went to follow-up contact appointment and bought two boxes of contacts. Waited for Rand to get home. Left for St. Marys.

Trip to St. Marys was incredibly annoying…traffic on 219 into Springville backed up.

Arrived in St. Marys just in time for 7 pm showing of The Music Man at the high school, where my cousin Scott had the lead. He was fantastic (as was the rest of the production). Stayed up too late chatting and snacking with family.


Woke up. Helped mom make blueberry muffins. Got dressed and ready for second bridal shower (more details on this to come). Had a lovely time at bridal shower, and got lots of excellent goodies. Visited grandparents. Got ready to drive back to Buffalo. Stopped at Blasedell Pizza in Springville on the way back.

Watched some TV (The Cable Guy, which I had never seen, had shown on cable) and moved some more stuff from the apartment.


Slept in. Visited with my brother and SIL, who were on their way to Niagara Falls/Niagara on the Lake to celebrate their anniversary. They got to see the new place, and we went out for lunch at Anderson’s.

Lots more moving/unpacking, interspersed with bits of TV and a dinner break.


Slept in again. Went to Wegmans to pick up some cleaning supplies. Forgot oven cleaner, which was the main reason why I went. Went back to Wegmans. Headed over to apartment to finish packing/begin cleaning.

Toyed with the idea of paying someone to clean. Decided to suck it up and clean ourselves.

Emptied and cleaned most of the apartment (still left: kitchen floor, living room). Took lunch and dinner breaks. Rand watched 300 (I watched on and off, while hunting around the house looking for things I am missing…), and we headed back over to the apartment to go through the storage area in the basement. Moved or threw away most of that stuff.


We should easily finish cleaning and moving today. There’s not much left to do. But man, do I wish I had another day or two to unwind!

Whew. I should get back to work. Look for some photos and a wedding blog update soon! (46 days until the wedding–ACK!)

Busy weekend

Here’s a quick recap:

Friday, I had a half-day at school. Rand left work early, and we dealt with some business (like applying for our marriage license, changing our address w/the bank, etc.), had lunch at the Pancake House, and then we took several carloads of stuff to our new place.

We ate leftover pizza for dinner, then collapsed in a heap and watched Dan in Real Life. It was a cute movie. Rand and I both thought there was a teeny bit too much Michael in Steve Carrell’s performance, and wished some areas of the script had been more fleshed out.

Saturday was an early day. Rand had to attend graduation, and I got up and started running around like crazy. I needed to go to Wegman’s, let the painters in to the new place, take care of a bunch of other little tasks, and get ready for our shower.

Rand’s parents and my parents hadn’t met until Saturday, so we had them both come in a little bit early and met up at Starbucks for drinks and conversation. Everything went swimmingly.

Also, the shower itself was lovely. I will post an update over at the wedding blog soon.

After the shower, we brought our parents both over to see the new place. My mom and dad helped us pick up my $30 desk and bring it over (I forgot to take a photo. Will do that later), and we grabbed dinner at the Brew Pub before they headed home.

Sunday, we ran around doing some shopping…Target and groceries. The cold and rain made me *very* cranky. Then laundry and a bit of cleaning up/packing.

And that is all…

How’s your Monday going? I’m kind of wishing mine was over!

Oh my, so tired…

So today was my first day at my new job. It went very well, but I’m beat. Not so much because the work was so exhausting, but because I didn’t sleep very well last night, and I got up way early so that I could get in and get settled. Other than some technical issues, which will hopefully be resolved tomorrow, all is well.

Over the weekend, we saw a couple of movies. Friday night, we went out to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which I found very funny. (there was that one moment when I cried, though…darn Kristen Bell…) Saturday, we finally watched Enchanted, which has been sitting here since it was released on DVD. Squee! Loved it.

We’ve also been (re)watching the third season of Arrested Development, which is always fun.

Traded in another box of CDs for store credit…we went to Record Theatre, then to FYE with the stuff they wouldn’t take. I got a copy of Duma Key out of the deal, which I hope to find some time to read, uh, sometime.

And since I’m barely focusing at this point (seriously, I keep getting distracted by shiny things. it’s taking me way too long to finish this lame update entry), I’m going to call it a night and go do something that involves, like, zero brain cells.


Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

Are you wearing green? I am!

Working today. I’ve been having trouble with my blog since wordpress got upgraded–specifically, accessing my blog using Internet Explorer on the computers at work. I could log in, but I couldn’t *do* anything. I solved the problem today by downloading the portable version of Firefox for my USB key. Looks good so far! 🙂

I had a nice mellow weekend at home. I got all domestic, making chocolate chip cookies on Saturday and meatballs on Sunday. I also did laundry, read a bit, watched some TV, and didn’t spend a whole lot of time online. I did play on facebook here and there (I have two ongoing Scrabble games–feel free to grab me if you want to play!) as well as some other stuff.

I had a fun day teaching math at the middle school on Friday. The 7th graders celebrated Pi Day by decorating digits of Pi to hang on the wall, playing games, and eating pie that they brought in! (Yes, I ate a piece, but only one!) I can’t believe they paid me for that. 😉

And that’s the news on this end. Hope you’re all having a happy St. Pat’s! Enjoy some of my favorite irish-esque music, eh? (I might add some videos when I get home and can access YouTube.)


Great Big Sea

Carbon Leaf