Random thoughts for a Wednesday

1. The Cinnamon Dolce Latte at Starbucks is no Pumpkin Spice, but it is an acceptable substitute. Plus, it comes in a sugar-free version that’s not at all bad.

2. I actually found Britney Spears genuinely funny on HIMYM this week.

3. I’m going out to eat at Taste of India shortly, and I am SO EXCITED. 🙂

4. There was something else that escaped my mind the moment I opened this post.

5. It was almost spring-ish here today. Hurrah for the sun!

6. Our wedding is in 108 days…rapidly approaching double-digit territory! (don’t forget to check my wedding blog for updates! y’know, if you’re into that sort of thing…)

7. My car hit 100,000 miles this weekend. I took a pic of the odometer, but I haven’t uploaded it yet.

And that’ll do it for me…Happy hump day, everyone!

One thought on “Random thoughts for a Wednesday

  1. I like the cinnamon dolce. What’ more is you can actually get it year-round (just get a shot of cinnamon).

    I like your #4

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